Pregnancy Acid Reflux: Causes and Natural Remedies

Most women complain of acid reflux during pregnancy. It is a common problem witness by pregnant women and may give weeks of restless sleeps. This problem should be seen as a part of the pregnancy process and as such it stops on its own a few weeks after childbirth. Though nothing serious, it can give you discomforts and restless nights.

As such, it is necessary to explore the possible ways to prevent pregnancy acid reflux. If you understand the causes of pregnancy acid reflux, you will get a better idea of how to prevent the same. So let’s first understand what causes acid reflux during pregnancy.

The root cause of acid reflux in pregnant women is an increased production of certain hormones. Hormonal production, especially that of estrogen increases sharply during pregnancy. Changes in the level of hormones productions cause the lower esophageal sphincter muscles to relax. This facilitates the moving of acid in your stomach into the esophagus.

Another possible cause is the increasing size of uterus as pregnancy progresses. As the uterus become larger, it puts more pressure on your stomach thereby pushing the acid upward. The problem may be compounded if you are also suffering from pregnancy nausea.

Natural remedies are always preferable during pregnancy as medications can have side effects which can even lead to serious consequences. So what are the natural remedies of pregnancy acid reflux?

First of all you can reduce the occurrence of acid reflux by eating small portions of meals, which are spread across the day. This makes for easy digestion and also will put less pressure on your stomach. Also, make it a habit to eat slowly. Secondly, avoid eating foods that can trigger acid reflux. Spicy foods as well as fatty foods are best avoided during pregnancy.

Another way to prevent acid reflux in pregnant women is to drink lesser amount of water during food consumption. It is best to drink water a little after you have finished your meal. Also, sitting in an upright position after having meals for about an hour will help in preventing acid reflux. Again, it is not advisable to wear tight fitting clothes which may put more pressure on your abdomen.