Pregnancy After 35-The Risks And Complications

For a woman in her mid thirties getting pregnant is not an easy task .Late pregnancies or pregnancies which occur after 35 are termed as high risk pregnancies .Along with the increase in age, the risks and complications of pregnancy also increases. Also the chances of getting pregnant decreases with increase in age.

For a woman, fertility is at the peak in her twenties. There is a decline in the number and health of the ova produced by a woman who is in her mid thirties. This contributes to the decrease in fertility.Late pregnancies also come with many other risks.

The chance of fetal abnormalities increases with increase in age of the mother. The probability of the fetus having genetic defects increases in late pregnancy leading to conditions like Downs syndrome. Also the risk of miscarriage increases in a late pregnancy.

Many health problems also arise with a late pregnancy. There will be an increase in conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. Also there will be a high chance of occurrence of heart and kidney problems. There is also a high risk of gestational diabetes during late pregnancies. These medical conditions pose serious problems for pregnancy and childbirth.

High blood pressure slows down fetal growth to a great extent. There is an increased chance of still birth and also fetal death after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Chances of placental problems also increase with the increase in age of the mother. The condition of placenta previa is seen commonly in older ladies. They also have the chance of developing uterine fibroids which further complicates the pregnancy.

Women above 35 will usually have a prolonged labor. They will also experience many difficulties in labor. The need for cesarean section also increases largely in late pregnancies. Also after delivery, the mother will take a long time in recuperating when compared to her younger counterparts.

For woman planning to get pregnant after 35, it is very much important to know the risks they will have to face. Today, with the advancement of medicine, there are higher chances of getting pregnant after 35.

For a woman in her mid thirties getting pregnant might be a difficult task. But it is by no means an impossible one. Follow proper medical treatment and a healthy lifestyle and you can definitely enjoy a wonderful motherhood even after you are 35.