Pregnancy After Breast Cancer

If Breast Cancer affects younger woman who has not yet completed her family, can she get pregnant and have a safe delivery. Is she risking her own health and the health of her unborn child? We will try to find an answer to this common question here.

It is said that a female has not lived her life completely if she has not experienced motherhood. After getting affected with Breast Cancer, the female goes through a lot of mental stress. In some cases of breast cancer, the breast needs to be surgically removed, while in early stage of Breast Cancer cases, it can be conserved.

According to recent studies,
a 6 months waiting period after completion of Breast Cancer treatment is important before conceiving. Earlier it was considered that 2 years wait should be maintained before conception by the patient.

It was believed that this period gives adequate time for the breast to heal, and to throw toxins outside the body, which are formed during medical treatment of Breast Cancer i.e. chemo-radiotherapy. Also, during this period the physician looks for any recurrence.

During pregnancy, there is increase in the levels of hormone oestrogen in the female’s body. It was earlier believed that such high levels of oestrogen may result in recurrence. But there are no evidences to support that. Instead recent studies have shown that pregnancy after Breast Cancer helps to increase the survival rate in Breast Cancer cases.

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy may cause infertility, especially if the radiation is directed over ovaries. In such cases, conception becomes difficult. According to new research, 6 months after completing Breast Cancer treatment, the women can conceive. There has been no relation of pregnancy and increase in risk of Breast Cancer. Also no harmful effects on the fetus have been reported.

Breast feeding is also encouraged.
After complete treatment, breast feeding does not transfer the disease to the newborn. It instead strengthens the mother and the child bond. So the female affected with Breast Cancer should wait minimum for 6 months after completion of cancer treatment, to get pregnant.

If the physician has suspicion of recurrence of cancer or there is a strong history of deaths from breast cancer in the family, the female should wait upto2 years. Later she can proceed to have a healthy pregnancy, safe delivery and healthy baby.

Rakesh Kumar Lakshman

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