Pregnancy After Tubal Ligation

Many women undergo a process called tubal ligation in order to avoid pregnancy. Tubal ligation is a permanent method of birth control. This is a surgical contraceptive method in which the fallopian tubes are closed and thus fertilization of the egg and sperm are prevented.

If you have undergone tubal ligation, then there is no natural way for you to conceive. If you want to conceive,then you will have to try reversing the tubal ligation through surgery. Here the surgeon will untie the ends of the fallopian tube and reconnect them.

For performing tubal ligation reversal, the age and medical history of the patient are taken into consideration. The doctor will also see to the type of tubal ligation performed. The extent of damage caused to the tubes by tubal ligation will also affect the success of the reversal process.

Tubal ligation reversal becomes possible only if a small section of the fallopian tubes were removed during the ligation process.

Tubal ligation can also be done by placing clips or rings around the tubes to prevent eggs released during ovulation from traveling down through the fallopian tubes. Reversal of ligation is possible in this case also.

In another method of tubal ligation involving cauterization, the burning of the ends of the tubes are done after tying them up. Here much damage is caused to the fallopian tubes. If such is the case, then the chance of a successful reversal of tubal ligation is very low.

Also if your age is above 40, then your surgeon won’t recommend reversal of the ligation process, as your chances of becoming pregnant will be very low.

You should take proper care of yourself after a tubal ligation reversal procedure, as lack of adequate care may lead to development of infections. Eat a well balanced diet and also stay healthy by exercising on a daily basis.

The success rate of a tubal ligation reversal is around 50 percent. You can try conceiving after you have had your first menstrual period after the surgery. One drawback of the process is that the chance of an ectopic pregnancy will be high after the reversal procedure.

If tubal ligation reversal doesn’t work, then you can opt for in vitro fertilization methods. But this is a very expensive procedure. Also the success of the process cannot be predicted with any degree of surety.

success of the reversal process