Pregnancy And Exercise

Exercise has numerous benefits on our health and pregnancy is not an exception. During pregnancy, a woman has double responsibility. This means she is not only responsible for her well being but she is also responsible for the well being of her baby. 

A pregnant woman undergoes a host of changes during these nine months. There are various physical and hormonal changes .All this, leaves pregnant women fatigue and exhausted. However, an exercise boosts the energy level and provides sufficient energy to tackle these changes and lead an active life style.

As the fetus grows, weight of the pregnant women also increases. By the end of nine months, there is sufficient increase in weight. This strains the pelvis region and the lower back .As a result this, leads to aches and pain. But regular exercise during this time strengthens the back muscles and decreases such bodily pain. Exercises, thus helps to cope up with pain and aches.

Fetus development in a pregnant women’s body requires sufficient amount of nutrients, blood and oxygen. So, during this period, heart needs to pump more blood than the normal days. However, exercise helps in strengthening these cardiovascular muscles and thus increases its efficiency of pumping blood and blood circulation.

As pregnancy proceeds, the size of the baby increases and so, pressure on the diaphragm also increases. As a result, pregnant women find difficulty in deep breathing. But exercise, helps the lung to send more oxygen to the blood as required by the body and thus help to achieve deeper breathe.

During delivery, a pregnant women has to undergo a lot of pain .This requires a lot of strength and stamina. Exercises helps to strengthen the overall muscles of the body especially abdominal muscles and thus help to cope up with the delivery pain. It also reduces the labor time .Beside this, exercise helps to reduce the pregnancy discomforts and various other delivery complications.

Pregnancy involves a lot of stress.So, it’s always better to relax by sleeping and exercise proves a helping hand in this. Beside this, exercise also helps to control the mood swings and thus lifts the spirit.

Regular exercise helps in healthy weight gain during pregnancy and at the same time it also helps to shed those extra weights gained after delivery.Exercise, thus helps to get back in shape and boosts the self esteem.  So, by incorporating regular exercise during pregnancy, one can achieve a healthy and fit delivery.

Raka Raghuvanshi