Pregnancy And Flu – The Risks And Remedies

Pregnancy is a time when a women will experience rapid changes in the immune system and hormonal levels. This makes a pregnant woman more susceptible to conditions like flu.

Flu or influenza which is a viral disease is a very unpleasant condition which causes a lot of discomfort. Headache, high fever with a temperature above 100 degree Celsius , nasal congestion and muscle and joint ache are the common symptoms of flu. The expecting mother will also suffer from dehydration, if she catches flu.

If proper care is not taken, then the flu can develop into more complicted conditions like pneumonia, respiratory complications and sometimes even miscarriage. Therefore it becomes an absolute necessity for a pregnant woman to take all the precautions required in order to avoid contracting flu.

Pregnant women should restrain from resorting to self medications as the intake of medications may cause unwanted complications. Doctors usually advice pregnant women to take a tablet named Acetaminophen which is a safe form of medication.

Flu shots can also be taken by pregnant women in order to combat the condition.Some women may experience a slight raise in body temperature or soreness around the site of injection as a side effect of the flu shot. But these side effects needn’t be a cause of concern and will last for only a maximum of 2 days.

If you contract flu, then do take plenty of rest as your body will require time to recover from the attack of the flu virus. If you suffer from a blocked nose, then do keep your head in an elevated position while you lie down . This position will drain your sinuses and relieve you of a blocked nose.

If you suffer from a sore throat, then gargle salt water daily to heal the inflammation. You can also have honey as a remedical measure for sore throat. If you happen to go outside, then immediately cleanse your hands with anti bacterial soap once you reach home in order to avoid contracting infections.

You should drink plenty of water in order to combat dehydration. Along with water have plenty of fruit juices in order to obtain the required nutrition. You can also eat foods rich in Vitamin C to boost your immune system. Also do take your prenatal vitamins without fail.