Pregnancy and Spousal Support: Five Advices for Future Dads

Pregnancy evokes mixed feelings in many women. Though she might be excited at the prospect of becoming a mother, the physical changes accompanied by hormonal changes can trigger so many problems. Moreover she is prone to mood swings, depression, and low self esteem. As such, pregnancy affects her emotionally, mentally as well as physically.

In such a condition, she becomes more prone to angst, fear and other negative feelings. And all these feelings are not good for the healthy development of the baby. This is why spousal support during pregnancy is very important. Following are five advices for expectant dads.

It is very important to extend emotional support to your partner during pregnancy. You can comfort her, support her, and also do things she loves. Pregnancy is also not the best of times to get involved in arguments with your wife. She is emotionally vulnerable. Rather tell her how much you love her; praise her; tell her she looks more beautiful when pregnant. These actions will do a world of good for her emotional well being.

Again, physical intimacy during pregnancy is recommended. Nevertheless, pregnancy usually bridges gaps between couples. Feel your partner’s belly with your hands; listen to the heartbeats of the sweet little life inside. Your partner will feel happy and like your delicate little touches. She also feels that you are as much interested at the prospect of becoming a dad as she is at the prospect of becoming a mom.

You can also take part in birthing classes along with your spouse. This way you not only get useful information on pregnancy and childbirth, you spouse will also love you for doing so. You can take part in the birthing process to extend care and support for your wife.

Also, always accompany your partner to prenatal checkups. Your doctor will give a lot of information which is also useful for you. Both of you may also share certain things in the company of the doctor. On your partner’s part, she feels you are also interested in her well being and that of the baby.

Lastly, never smoke in the company of your pregnant wife. Passive smoking is equally injurious. It can put the unborn baby at serious health risk. Rather you should lead from the front and encourage a healthy lifestyle for your family.