Pregnancy and Travel

Nine months is a long wait to see your bundle of joy roll out of your belly! But it’s well worth the wait. The joy, excitement and pure happiness that is associated with a baby’s birth is just beyond imagination . However, pregnancy is also the most difficult phase in  a woman’s life albeit enjoyable. For many women , travel is a major concern during pregnancy .

Some easy planning and precaution can easily sail you through this amazing phase unscathed. Leave your worries and tensions at home as you embark on your vacation, we would say a well deserving vacation as you are going to be stuck at home with baby woes in the coming months!

Travel schedules are tricky when you are on a public transport or on a flight. Always be advised to carry enough food and water around, as you require plenty of fluids and snacks to keep you hydrated and full all throughout.

Pregnancy is a time when you are susceptible to scores of  infections and sensitive to heat. While traveling, always remember to wear loose ,layered and comfortable cotton clothes that fan in lot of cool air to keep your body cool and fresh.

You might find yourself visiting the toilet quite often which is  a common phenomenon in pregnancy. Hygiene is a major concern when you use toilets as you can contract many infections at this time.

If you are on a flight , it’s a good idea to look for an aisle seat which allows you a little extra room for your frequent toilet trips. Go ahead and do little stretching exercises that keep you energized. You could also relax your feet by putting them up if you are lucky enough to get an empty seat nearby. Sitting for long hours is an absolute no – no during pregnancy.

Ensure that you walk around as much as possible to avoid blood clots ,swells and cramps. It’s absolutely essential to wear comfortable flat heels while you are an expectant mother. This will save you from unwanted and dangerous falls and backaches.

It is still very important to avoid travel if you are in the high risk category. If unavoidable, be absolutely sure to carry your medical records and doctor’s contact details while on the move.

All precautions in place, its time to just ward off your travel worries and stress by reading a relaxing book or listen to soothing music that can give you that all needed refreshing calm. Now, stuff you bags and enjoy before your bundle of joy ties you down with her giggles and snuggles!


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