Pregnancy Back Pain: Causes and Remedies

Back pain during pregnancy is normal and quite understandable. More than 50 percent of pregnant women complain of back pain. When a woman becomes pregnant, the level of hormones productions especially estrogen is abnormal. Her physical condition also changes and keeps on changing. All these factors may explain the cause of back pain. Getting into the finer details, there are multiple causes of back pain during pregnancy. First, as a result the increasing size of the baby, the center of gravity in your body may be altered leading to back pain.

Hormonal changes and urinary infection may also cause back ache during pregnancy. Another contributing factor is the loosening of ligaments between your pelvic bones and the joints. Though mild to moderate back ache during pregnancy can be termed normal, severe back ache may be a telling sign of some of problems which may be serious. In such a case, consultation with your physician is recommended.

Though back pain during pregnancy should be ideally seen as a part of the ongoing process leading to childbirth, some pregnant women do look for remedies for back pain. Even if you want to get relief from pregnancy back pain, medication to this end is strictly not recommended. Rather the answer lies in a series of do’s and don’ts. First of all you can relieve back pain during pregnancy by using a lumbar pillow or cushion while sleeping or lying down.

A physiotherapist may help your cause by telling you ways to keep and maintain good body mechanics and right body postures. They may also recommend you light muscular exercises to keep off back pain. Again, avoid standing or sitting for longer periods. Do change your body position so that pressure is relieved from your back muscles. Another remedy for back pain during pregnancy has to do with your shoes. Never wear high heeled shoes which are bad not only for your back, but also for your knee joints. So, it is time to change your fashion.

Practicing yoga may also help in reducing back pain during pregnancy. Yoga has other benefits as well such as reducing labor pain. So look out for maternity yoga classes which are conducted at many centers.