Pregnancy Clothes

During the nine wonderful months of pregnancy, one point which is often overlooked by would be mothers’ is the ‘perfect clothing’. My advice would be look for clothes that will not make you look even bigger.    For this avoid clothes with abstract patterns or baggy dresses. We all know that dark colors make you look slimmer. So look for clothes which have a darker shade.


This will really shock you as maternity clothes are really over – priced. Retailers know that this is the best time to rob the customers of some hard cash and they do it in a fine way. To make things simple you can try searching for a good bargain at or you can ask your old friends to donate some. If you are lucky then you can find some at the local flea market or the charity shop. But if you do not have any financial constraints then you can definitely go for the extra priced clothing items.


High heels during pregnancy is a strict no – no. You can try the kitten heels instead which are not so high and very comfortable to wear. Flat shoes and Flip – Flops, though, are the best footwear to wear during this period. Doctors will usually tell you to stay clear of heels and try the flat heeled shoes.


Do not try to hide your pregnancy. There are very good maternity suits available in the market which you wear to work and even to an evening dinner. But when you are into later stages of pregnancy should be attending these late night invitations? A majority of the maternity dresses have support elastic at the waist which will make things easier a lot more easier for you.


You can go for your swimming session while you are still in early pregnancy and you will get the required outfit for it. So this is not a big headache. You can buy most of these dresses online or at community shops in case you are looking for a good bargain. But I would advise that you should plan ahead and make a proper schedule so that you can but all the required maternity clothes at a go and don’t have to wait in case the local market runs out of stock.