Pregnancy Clothing

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting events in a woman’s life During pregnancy days, a woman undergoes lots of physical changes.
As a result, she does not fit into her regular clothes and so she needs plus size clothes.

These clothes which are specially designed for would be moms are called maternity clothes.

Pregnancy clothes should be selected as per our preference and comfort level. During pregnancy all women have the desire to look their best and so pregnant moms should opt for clothes which make them feel and look good. Clothes should be stretchable and of good quality so that they can wear them for longer period. Synthetic and itchy materials should be avoided and instead cotton based fabric should be the only option for maternity wear.

Various options of maternity clothes are available in the market. Therefore, before buying clothes, one should make a list of ones needs to build a basic wardrobe. During pregnancy, there is a gradual change in the body and so it’s always wise to buy clothes as you start to gain weight. Temptation to buy complete wardrobe should be resisted.

In the first trimester, women generally fit into their regular dresses.  So, its always wise to mix and match the clothes from the existing wardrobe. Predicting changes until second trimester is difficult. Different women have different ways of gaining weight. Some gain maximum weight on their tummy,some on their thighs,some on their legs.Therefore,its always better to wait and watch and then buy the clothes accordingly.

Spending huge amount of money on designer maternity wear or high end expensive maternity clothes should be avoided as these clothes can be worn only during pregnancy tenure, and becomes a waste after delivery or when you’re back in shape. Instead,one should buy skirts,pants with elastic waistbands, flowing gowns etc as they can be worn for a longer period of time.

During pregnancy, breasts become swollen and tender. This requires a supportive maternity bra .So pregnant women should buy and wear such maternity bras .As the breast grows gradually during this period ,its always important to check the breast size and wear an appropriate size of bra. For women who plan to breast feed their babies, nursing bras which have open flaps should be bought and worn.

Raka Raghuvanshi