Pregnancy Diet Journal

Key to a healthy pregnancy is a balanced and nutritious diet. It is essential to eat the quality food for fulfilling the needs of your unborn baby and yourself. So you must plan a pregnancy diet which can help you consume all the essential nutrients throughout your pregnancy period.

In first trimester, it is most important to get a proper nutritious diet since in this period; you are physically as well as mentally stressed. So to cope up with this, the diet for pregnancy must contain all the nutrients like folic acid, iron, calcium, etc. folic acid is extremely essential for the proper development of the nervous system of the baby.

So vitamin B is essential.

It helps to prevents defects like cleft lip, etc. so during the first trimester, the take diet for healthy pregnancy which should consist of green vegetables, yeast, liver, beans, citrus fruits, etc which are all sources of folic acid.

Iron is very essential for the hemoglobin production in baby so make sure you include iron in the pregnancy diet of yours. You can take iron in form of supplements as well and green vegetables to have them naturally.

Pomegranate, tomatoes, whole grains, etc are all the sources of iron. This is a low fat diet which keeps a check on your cholesterol levels as well. A lot of people say that one should eat as much as she can during pregnancy which is totally a myth. Fact is that one should make a proper diet meal chart according to pregnancy and follow it. Include all the good food materials and have them in adequate amount.

Calcium is another nutrient which helps in the baby’s development. It helps the bones to become stronger and so it’s important to include calcium in the meal plan for pregnancy. Include dairy products, calcium supplements, green vegetables, etc in your diet.

Proteins and minerals are essential as well so include them in the diet. Water is extremely important and so drink 12 glasses of water at least daily so as to have proper digestion and a good blood flow.