Pregnancy Diet Secrets For Expectant Mothers

The wonderful time of a pregnancy brings with itself major mood swings and particular type of food cravings. The diet of a woman changes in many ways during this period.

However, not all of these food cravings are healthy or advisable for the expecting mother. As they say, a pregnant woman has to ‘eat for two, so there should be no mistakes made. Otherwise overeating and unnecessary weight gain occur, which are not healthy for either of the two.

One of the first steps towards a healthy pregnancy diet is to increase the intake of all vitamins and minerals. Since all types of Vitamin B and folic acid are not available in your daily meals, one must take the required amount in supplement form. Many pregnant women face a deficiency of calcium and iron; therefore one must consume ample amounts of green vegetables and take extra supplements for these essential elements.

Another necessary pregnancy diet ‘Do’ is to have lots of water every day since it is important for blood circulation. It also detoxifies your blood, which is quite healthy. Many pregnant women stop having seafood, which is not healthy. Seafood is a very good diet supplement for pregnant women as it helps in the development of the child’s brain. In case of vegetarians, one can always have cod liver oil or other such supplements.

A major pregnancy diet ‘Don’t’ is the consumption of alcohol and caffeinated drinks. Women should take care not to consume aerated drinks, tea and soft cheese as well. Such items have been shown to deter proper development of the child. Soft cheese contains microbes, which is harmful for the child even though it doesn’t have any bad affect on adults.

One should never fall for fad diets that claim to keep the baby weight separate from the mother’s body weight. Such diets are dangerous for both the mother and infant. It is better to have a nutritious pregnancy diet and indulge in prenatal exercise if you wish to restrict your weight gain. Another big no-no is any kind of processed and packaged food. During pregnant times, go for fresh and natural food rather than its artificial forms. Go natural with food, exercises, drinks etc. If in slightest doubt, consult your doctor, gynaecologist or certified nutritionist.