Pregnancy Diet

To begin with congratulations to all the “mommies to be” out there. I bet you are enjoying these beautiful days but  hope you are not forgetting to include a healthy well balanced meal during this very important phase of your life.A healthy pregnancy diet is very important for a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

You have to make sure that you include all the vitamin and mineral supplements in your diet for your well being as well as the baby.If you are an average built to healthy lady then you do not have to consume an extra ordinary diet.

It is just a myth that you should eat for two during pregnancy.You should eat for yourself during the first six months and after that you may require some 200 calories extra. But this varies for different people.So all you have to do is switch to a healthy pregnancy diet as recommended by your doctor.

Appetite varies from person to person during pregnancy. Some people crave for food and some others dread the sight of food. But this should be balanced. If you crave for food then simply eat some fruits or salads or munch on some nuts.

Others who lose their appetite should take small and frequent meals instead of three large meals.Cut down on junk and include more of healthy foods in your pregnancy diet. Make sure all your vitamin and mineral needs are met.Include milk and plenty of fresh juices in your diet.

Eat sufficient amount of meat, fish, poultry etc. to meet your protein needs. Consume good amount of pulses, eggs, milk, nuts, legumes etc. to meet your overall requirements.

Also include lot of fibrous food in your diet to avoid constipation.Take additional supplements of iron, vitamins, calcium, folic acid, minerals etc. in the form of pills if recommended by your doctor.

Make sure you drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. During pregnancy women are prone to constipation. Consumption of water will keep such problems away and also filter all the impurities from your body.

So the good news is there are no restrictions to what you eat. Eat anything and everything you want.The only restriction is to consume a healthy and balanced pregnancy diet. Eat right and wish you a happy pregnancy.All the best!