Pregnancy Diets – Do’s and Don’ts

When a woman is pregnant, her diet changes in a number of ways. Since the development of the child is dependent on a number of factors, one of the most important being the diet of the mother. There are a number of changes that women make to their diets after becoming pregnant but not all of them may be healthy or even required.It is commonly believed that when a woman becomes pregnant, she should eat for two. However, this is not correct and it often leads to overeating and weight gain. What one should do is to increase the amount of vitamins and minerals in the food one eats.

One should also take supplements for folic acid and vitamin B, both of which are essential for development. One should focus on foods that are rich on calcium and iron, since many women face a deficiency of these minerals in the body when they are pregnant.

Another do during a pregnancy diet is to drink a lot of water, since it helps in increasing blood production. One thing that many women give up on during pregnancy is eating seafood; however one should keep eating fish since it contributes towards development of the child’s brain.

At the same time, there are number of pregnancy diet don’ts that women should take care of. As is well known, no alcohol should be consumed during the pregnancy. Women should also drastically reduce the amount of caffeine, aerated drinks, teas and soft cheeses as well.

While the drinks show cause for concern in development, the cheeses could contain microbes that are harmless for adults but can result in a miscarriage. Many pregnant women also start following fad diets that are meant to keep the baby weight away, however these will only cause harm to both mother and child. One last don’t is about processed and packaged foods. It is best to eat fresh as much as possible.

These are the most common points to remember during a pregnancy. There are a number of more pregnancy diets do’s and don’ts, however it is best to consult a doctor or gynaecologist for that information.


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