Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

There are a whole lot of books and websites that help you calculate the due date for a child bearing mother. The due date calculator is a useful tool for all women who want to plan the arrival of their baby. However, only 5% of the babies arrive on the scheduled due date. But still the pregnancy due date calculator is still an important tool. This is essential as proper prenatal care can be given only if this tool is available.

The due date for an expectant mother is calculated based on the first day of their last period. The date is actually counted as 280 days from the date of the last menstrual period. Some women even know the date on which they conceived. This is not common though.

Those women who know their conception date can also calculate their due date. In general, the date of conception to date of delivery is 266 days. The calculator considers a typical gestation period of 40 weeks. This actually prompts many to tell that the length of a pregnancy is nine months.

When the due date is confirmed, you will find that a number of tools or calculators are available that will give a break down of each week and trimester of the pregnancy. The expectant mother will know what to expect and how she will feel during a particular week. The calendar helps the mother to know her pregnancy well and it is easier for the women to track the development of the fetus on a weekly basis.

Some of the websites will also advise you on how to deal with some pregnancy issues and the emotional part attached to it. The mother also knows what baby parts are slowly developing and possible actions of the baby. You can also see ultrasound pictures whereby you can see the size of the baby every week. The mother gets informed about the scientific and the medical aspect of the period of pregnancy.

Being pregnant for the first time can be very scary for some but the calculator helps to dispel such unfound fears by proper dissemination of information. The pregnancy due date calculator is a brilliant tool as you can plan the mternity leave, the paternity leave and the appointments of the doctor.