Causes and Remedies For Hair Loss During Pregnancy

Remedies For Hair Loss During PregnancyPregnancy is termed as the miracle of changes. That is, during this period a pregnant women’s body undergoes a number of changes. All these changes are due to hormonal changes in the body.

Some of these changes  can be easily seen in skin,nails,hair, weight etc . Amongst, these number of changes; some changes are desirable while some are undesirable.Desirable changes  like weight gain , expansion of abdomen etc , is experienced by every pregnant women and are considered as healthy signs of  pregnancy. While some changes like hair fall, dry skin, brittle nails etc are considered to be undesirable changes and is also not experienced by every pregnant women .However, the most common undesirable change experienced by a pregnant women is, hair fall.

Hair fall can occur during the nine months of pregnancy as well as after delivery. It occurs, mostly due to increased level of estrogen. Estrogen level in the blood increases due to hormonal changes. This is a normal problem and therefore, should not be of much concern. This is because, after 3-4 months of delivery, hair starts coming up and within 6months -12 months, the hair loss occurred during pregnancy, achieves its normal growth.

However, when hair fall during pregnancy is unusual than normal then it must be a concern .In such cases, pregnant women should consult and inform her doctor about the same. They should find out reason for the hair fall and treat them accordingly.

Major factors accountable for hair fall during pregnancy:

Nutritional deficiency Every pregnant women body requires balance amount of nutrition, vitamins and proteins for the healthy growth and development of the baby.However, lack of any nutrition required by the body during this period, deprives the body from its healthy benefits. Nutritional deficiency, thus makes the body of the would- be –mom, weak and leads to undesirable changes in her body. And hair loss is the most common one.

Thyroid problem

We all know that, pregnancy is a stage of hormonal changes .These hormonal changes, create an imbalance level in the body. That is, either there is an increase in hormonal level or decrease in hormonal level. In either case, this imbalance in hormonal level, give rise to an overactive or under active thyroid. And thyroid in either case badly affects hair and is responsible for hair fall.

Anxiety and Stress level

The numerous physical changes taking place within a pregnant women’s body causes lot of anxiety and stress. Beside these physical changes,the women undergoes a lot of emotional changes as well. These emotional and  disturbing thoughts ,contributes towards increasing her stress and anxiety level. This stress, in return contributes towards hair fall. So, every pregnant woman should try and control her stress and anxiety level.

Pregnant women can over come her concern by reducing the stress and anxiety level. This can be done by:

Keeping herself occupied in her hobbies
Socializing with friends and family
Morning and evening walks
Listening to light music

In case,hair loss is caused due to thyroid problem,one should consult a doctor and follow doctor’s prescription to treat the thyroid problem. Thyroid problem can be treated only when there is a proper hormonal balance. Once thyroid is treated, problem of hair loss will automatically be treated.So; one should keep a regular check on the hormonal level.

Healthy and nutritious diet

Safe and Healthy Diets For the Pregnant Woman

Healthy and nutritious diet,not only provides healthy supplements to our body but it also encourages hair growth. Moreover during pregnancy ;growth and development of baby requires nutritious food .So, every pregnant women should include healthy diet in their meals .They should plan and eat a balance diet consisting of fruits, green leafy vegetables, milk and milk products,etc.

Their diet should have all the sources of protein, vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals.Thus, healthy meals not only nourishes the baby and the mother but it also nourishes, protects and encourages hair growth. Especially foods containing antioxidants and flavonoids. Other helpful nutrients which help in hair growth are vitamin B complex, vitamin E, vitamin C and zinc.Therefore,an expecting mom diet should include these essential nutrients needed for hair growth.

Usually, hair loss caused during pregnancy stops as soon as the body attains pre-pregnancy hormonal levels. This happens generally after delivery. This is because, it is said that during pregnancy majority of hair enter into the state of rest and hence, there is hair fall. This condition of hair fall then slowly diminishes as soon as the body attains pre –pregnancy hormonal level. This usually takes 3-4 months after delivery. However, in cases when hair loss during pregnancy is more than unusual, then one should always consult the doctor and take necessary action.

Using good quality of shampoos and conditioners

Taking good care of yourself and your hair, helps to gain pre-pregnancy hair growth. So, one should use good quality of shampoos and conditioners. Beside this, one should avoid frequent hair wash during this period, combing on wet hair, blow drying hair etc.Avoid using various hair chemicals or undergoing hair treatments etc.while making different hair style, make it a point to leave your hair loose .Do not pleat them very tight .

Hair fall during and after pregnancy frighten many women.However, there is no genuine reason for the same. It should be a concern and considered as serious only when hair fall is more than usual. It can be easily resolved out, by adopting few simple tips and taking few precautions. One should never forget that hair fall during pregnancy and after delivery is only temporary and should be considered as a passing  phase. This is because; all the hair loss will be replaced and hence should not be treated as a threat. On the contrary, the more you take stress, the more will be the chances of hair fall. So, leading a healthy and stress free life can help to reduce the hair fall level.

Raka Raghuvanshi