Pregnancy’s Impact On Teeth And Gums: Prevention Methods

In early days there was impression or attitude that with the growing age fertility drops down since body goes through various changes and the task of conceiving becomes critical but today late pregnancy is normal phenomenon.

Although the state of pregnancy brings changes in various parts of body but majority of them will subside after delivery. Few of the common problems during pregnancy period is related to our teeth and gums, where blood secretion, cavity, mouth stinking and ulcer tend to take place.

Infact dentists quote that during pregnancy due to hormonal changes there are impacts on Teeth and gums. Since high blood volume generates, gums attain the swelling and become softer. However there is no condition or sickness which is prolonged or permanent during pregnancy, hence with proper methods one can nullify the teeth and gums trouble.

About 70% of women prone to have morning sickness during pregnancy and vomit with first sun rays, make sure that you brush your teeth with hydrate silica rich toothpaste and clean the mouth using active mouth wash, immediately after vomiting. Infact you can carry the cleaning objects to work place and after lunch execute the teeth and gums cleaning.

As mentioned gums become most sensitive and soft during pregnancy and in some cases tend to pain as well. In order to get rid of pain, rub the ice cube in morning and while going to bed. This will give you comfortable time in proceeding pregnancy months.

Sweets, cold drinks and jellies during this time should be avoided, since they add to the cavity problem. If you are craving to consume sweets or chocolates don’t fail to gargle with fresh water. You must make use of soft bristles tooth brush and flans your teeth using the light pressure in order to remove the deposited sweets contents.

Calcium and vitamin D is must during these days, hence with the proper advice of doctor add the calcium rich food in your diet and morning sun bath is certainly favorable.  However if you face teeth or gums problems in access and as part of diagnose have to go for teeth x-ray, don’t forget to inform dentist about your pregnancy and simultaneously consult your gynecologist.