Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage

During pregnancy  a woman is supporting another life  and while doing so she may undergo a lot of changes both physically and mentally. A pregnant woman may have many problems like back pain, stress, leg cramps, stiffness through out the body etc. This is because her uterus is growing to support the baby and the bones and muscles are adjusting to the new change. Massage during pregnancy may help a pregnant woman to get over these problems with out causing any side effects.

Pregnancy Massage Therapy

Massaging during the pregnancy may help you to get relaxation from the stress and anxiety that is developed due to the emotional and physical changes happening in pregnant women It may also give you great comfort and make you rejuvenated and fresh. Massage also gives you relief from breathlessness and is found to be beneficial for your baby. Massaging helps you to accept the physical changes happening to  your body during pregnancy.

Massaging may also reduces the strain on the muscles of the lower back, abdomen, shoulder, neck etc. It also gives you comfort from the heartburn, nausea, backaches, fatigue etc as it improves the blood circulation through out the body. Massaging the body may also help you to avoid constipation as massaging stimulates the bowel movements. It may also reduces the stiffness of the joint and muscles and thus reduces the aches and provides you with good flexibility.

Massaging may help you to improve your sensory awareness and this will be helpful to you at the time of labor. It also eases the labor pain and helps in easy child birth. Massaging is also helpful in relieving swellings from the body. It also provides good sleep during the night and avoids insomnia.

Precaution During Pregnancy Massage

If you are planning for a massage therapy then do it with certified pregnancy therapists as massaging on certain points of the body may trigger uterine contractions and leads to early child birth. Also avoid massaging during the first trimester of pregnancy and you need to avoid deep tissue works too. While massaging be very particular about your personal hygiene. Also make sure the quality of products used for massaging. This is because some essential oils like arnica, jasmine, fennel, juniper etc cause muscular contractions which are not good during pregnancy.