Pregnancy – Miracle of Changes

Pregnancy stage is a transition phase of fetus to child development within a women body over a period of nine months. During this period, a woman undergoes several noticeable changes– physically as well as internally within her body. The entire period of nine months can be summed into approximately 40 weeks.

Pregnancy week by week information provides useful tips to mother about weekly development of her baby. This can be known through various sources like books, journals, and Internet. The same can be experienced more closely through ultrasounds,movements,heart beat sounds which helps to plan and make the pregnancy all the more valuable and enjoyable.

Week 1 – Week 12: This phase brings hormonal changes in women, which affects almost all the body organs. Major noticeable changes found are:

  • no periods
  • morning sickness
  • tender/swollen breasts
  • Weight loss /weight gain.

Baby Developments: the early 4 weeks, is the embryo stage of child development. Here, brain, heart, spinal chord and limbs begin to develop.  By next 4-weeks, the embryo changes into fetus with regular heart beat and human structure. Almost all the vital organs start developing. Towards the end of 12 weeks, the gender of the child can be known. Eyes start developing within the closed eyelids as well as nerves and muscles starts working together. During these 12 weeks, the baby grows from 1/25” to 3” long.

Week 13 to Week 28: This stage is believed to be easier for majority of women than the first 12 weeks. However the various changes found in women during this time are:

  • body and back  pain
  • abdomen expands
  • stretch marks thighs and buttocks
  • skin becomes darker around the nipples
  • swelling on feet, face, hand and body

Baby Development: Baby skeleton is formed with bones, muscles and hair. They are covered with waxy substance to protect their skin underneath. Have full grown eyelashes, nails, and hair. Baby sleeps and wakes on times. Reflex actions start, gains weight and stores fat. The size of the baby now grows to apron 12”.

Week 29- Week 40: During this period, in addition to the earlier body changes, there are few more additional changes which the mother e experiences are :

  • breathlessness
  • weight  gain
  • prominent  belly
  • discomfort in  sleeping
  • tender breast
  • can feel baby movements
  • contractions

Baby Developments: By now, baby has full grown bones. All organs are developed and functional. Opens and closes their eyes. Stores iron and calcium. Gains maximum weight and changes its body position with its head downwards.

Thus the knowledge of pregnancy week by week, helps to keep a record of every minute changes the mother and her baby undergoes during her pregnancy stages and make this a memorable experience for her entire life.

Raka Raghuvanshi