Pregnancy Myths Exposed

When you are pregnant you will have your friends and family giving you plenty of advice. You will even have strangers walking up to you to tell you about how to have a healthy pregnancy in order to have a healthy pregnancy. However, not everything you listen to is true. There are many myths associated with pregnancy.  And it’s time to expose them.

The elderly in the family will advice you against breaking the news of your pregnancy before the first trimester gets over. The reason they cite is that someone might cast their evil eye that will lead to a miscarriage. While first trimester is a risky period, there is no rationale behind the evil eye concept.

Sex determination of the baby can be done only through ultrasound. The shape of your swollen belly has nothing to do with it. The shape only determines the position the baby is in which is further dependent on the build of the mother-to-be. Also the glow on the mother’s face is not an indication of the sex of the child. The glow is because of increased blood circulation and feeling of well being after the initial illnesses of first trimester.
You have to eat for two. Follow this advice and you will never be able to go back to your pre-pregnancy weight.  You only have to add 300 extra calories in your daily diet. This is enough to take care of your and the growing baby’s needs.

Eating food of a particular color will not make your baby dark or fair in color. In some cultures women are not allowed to take iron tablets for fear that the baby will be born dark. Iron supplement is necessary for both mother and baby to avoid anemia. Accordingly, having saffron will not give you a fair skinned baby. The color of the baby depends solely on the genes he inherits.

Some cultures encourage pregnant women to eat butter during the ninth month. The logic is that butter will lubricate the birth passage helping in smooth delivery. Scientifically, butter and other oils like castor produce loose motions. As a result the uterus starts contacting softening the cervix. This is what makes the delivery smoother. But you must check with the doctor before resorting to any foods that will result in unhealthy weight gain during the last month.

Anubha Pandey