Pregnancy Myths

You have taken the home pregnancy test and visited your doctor as well. It is confirmed that you are pregnant an all set to welcome a new member into the family. Now you have a responsibility not just for yourself but also the little life within you – you have to take very good care to deliver a healthy baby.You may be surrounded by many ‘well wishers’. However, be aware, not all good advice needs to be good.

Pregnancy carries with it many myths. Get your facts clear and stay away from any such ‘good advice’. This is supposed to be a happy moment for you, your family, and your expected baby.

Myth 1: Pregnant women crave for pickles and ice creams.
Fact: It is true that some women do have food craving but not all and further more not all crave for pickles and ice creams. The cravings are an indication of what the body lacks and hence a demand from the body.

Myth 2: When pregnant it is ok to have double portions since you are eating for two.
Fact: The baby does not require those calories so all those extra calories only lead to you gaining extra unwanted weight.

Myth 3: Carrying low means it is a boy and high means a girl.

Fact: There is no proof of this being true. The way one carries depends upon the body structure. A tall and thin woman appears to carry high while a short and stout woman will appear to be carrying low. Moreover, in a second pregnancy the abdominal muscles are looser and hence the pregnancy appears low.

Myth 4: Morning sickness is experienced by all pregnant women.
Fact: This actually depends upon each individual. It is not necessary for all pregnant women to experience morning sickness.

Myth 5: Every pregnancy leaves behind stretch marks.
Fact: Not really. In fact this varies from woman to woman. Some women never get stretch marks.  In some cases it is also hereditary. If your mother has marks you are likely to get them too.

Myth 6: It is not safe to wear nail polish when pregnant.

Fact: The nail polish does not penetrate your body through your nails and hence it is safe to wear nail polish.

Myth 7: Swimming is not safe for pregnant women.
Fact: Swimming is an excellent exercise for pregnant women. It helps relieve stress off other body parts.
You may come across many more such myths. Before you take it up as a fact try and gather some information on its relevance. After all you are going through one of the very special phases of your life. Why ruin it with irrelevant ‘facts’?