Pregnancy Problems: Distinguishing the Normal Problems from Those which are Not Normal

Pregnancy is all about formation of a new life inside your womb. The nine months of pregnancy is a wonderful and exciting journey culminating into labor and delivery. For many couples, the best moments of their lives are when they saw their newborns for the first time. Through this journey, the pregnant woman may also suffer from a plethora of problems. As she goes through so many physical and hormonal changes, physical discomforts are quite inevitable during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is such an unsettling period that physical discomfort will continue to affect you all these nine months. Most of these problems are normal and common and may not cause any significant harm. However some problems may be serious and call for immediately attention of your physician. Such problems may at time go unheeded as the pregnant woman is unable to distinguish between normal problems and problems which are not normal.

Now let’s find out what consist of normal pregnancy problems. Morning sickness is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy and is cause by hormonal imbalance. This is quite normal and will subside as you go into the second trimester. Again you may suffer from lower back ache. The increasing size of your belly and the resulting shift in center of gravity of your body may explain this pain. Also, cramping, tightness, and soreness are normal in pregnant women. Indigestion and heartburn are also common during pregnancy.

Some pregnant women may also suffer from bad breath and tooth decay. Again headache is quite a natural occurrence in expectant moms. If you feel fatigue and lazy during pregnancy, there is again no need for you to press the panic button. Your blood pressure level may also be slightly higher during pregnancy.There are also many ways in which you can find relief from these discomforts. Talk to your physician and he will tell you ways to cope with these problems.

Now let’s come to the problems which are not normal. Bleeding and white discharge during pregnancy may be an indication of some complications including miscarriage. Again lower abdominal pain during pregnancy is not an encouraging sign. Though expectant mothers experience abdominal pain in the later stage of pregnancy, pain in the abdomen in the early stages of pregnancy is a cause for worry. Other problems which warrant an appointment with your physician include severe and sudden pains and aches which are unbearable.