Pregnancy Second Trimester

Pregnancy Second Trimester

During second trimester of pregnancy you can see noticeable changes in your body. This is the most comfortable period of pregnancy and it accounts from 13th week to 24th week of pregnancy. During this period most of your nausea problems may subside and you have the feel of well being. During this period your baby will be small and won’t compress your abdominal organs and wont make you uncomfortable. Here are some of the common symptoms during second trimester.

Symptoms During Second Trimester of Pregnancy

Enlarging Belly

The most noticeable symptoms during this period is the enlargement of the belly as your uterus started to expand to accommodate your growing baby. You may gain weight and it may be at the rate of two kg per month.

Breast Enlargement

The progesterone and estrogen level in your body leads to the development of milk glands. Along with this you may also have fat accumulation inside the breast. Even though some of your breast tenderness subsides during this period you may still have nipple tenderness.

Changes on the Skin

There may be development of purple, red or pink streaks on your belly, arms, breast, thighs and buttocks which are called stretch marks. This is due to the stretching of your skin and you feel itchy too. Apply moisturizers on the skin. The increased blood circulation to the skin leads to the development darker areas on the skin like the line that runs from navel to pubic bone.

Braxton Hicks Contraction

Your uterus may start to warm up with very slight contractions and this is called Braxton Hicks Contraction. You may feel contraction in your groin and abdomen and they may come and vanish. If you are experiencing more pain and your contractions are regular then check it up with your doctor.

Leg Cramps

Your uterus will expert more pressure on the veins on the legs and you may feel leg cramps.


Due to the hormonal changes your blood vessels expand and if your blood volume is not enough to fill it, then you may have low blood pressure and dizziness. So drink a lot of fluid to overcome this problem.

Vaginal Discharge

There may be thick white vaginal discharge and this acidic discharge helps you to ward off the bacteria and yeast.


Second trimester is considered to be a calm section in which your fears about miscarriage decline and you may feel happy and excited when your baby started to move. You may still have anxiety about your baby, labor pain, delivery etc.