Pregnancy Signs Of Twins

The joy of knowing you are pregnant is magnified that you are carrying not one but two bundles of joy. While the positive pink line on the pregnancy test may bring with it unbridled happiness, you may also have that nagging hunch that maybe you are pregnant with twins.
This premonition is stronger if you have a family history of twins. Well, your ultrasounds may help you discern whether you are carrying twins or triplets. However there are a number of other pregnancy signs of twins as well. Here are some of the common signs of twin pregnancy before your all important first ultrasound.

Signs of Twin Pregnancy

Extreme weight gain is one of the most prominent features of a twin pregnancy with the woman gaining around 20 to 25 pounds during her pregnancy.

Of course all pregnant women gain weight and this differs widely based on your height, body type and your weight before pregnancy, but in case of twin pregnancies women report extreme weight gain and even an obvious tummy at around ten weeks of them being pregnant.

You are suddenly tired and are ready to drop off anywhere, anytime. Excessive fatigue and the feeling of constantly being drained is one of the common complaints of women with twin pregnancies. This may also be accompanied by a severe case of morning sickness and constant dehydration.

The flutters and wriggling that you feel after five months will start much earlier, probably in the first trimester itself. Moreover your medical care provider or midwife may be able to hear two heartbeats (or even more) in case of multiple pregnancy.

One of the most common signs and a dead giveaway of twin pregnancies is when you start measuring larger than your gestational age. This is actually the measure of your uterine fundus or rather the top of the public bone to the uterus. So get ready to slip into those maternity clothes well before anyone else.

Ten days after conception every pregnant woman will have high HcG levels. However for a woman pregnant with twins, this result may be higher than usual. In addition the blood tests or the AFP (Alphafetoprotein) screening done to check for birth defects may show very high levels.

Well, if you do not believe in these signs then at the end of the day the most convincing proof of your being pregnant with twins is an ultrasound test that shows not one but two or even more babies waiting to join the family.

Parul Solanki