Pregnancy Stretch Marks: Causes and Remedies

Getting stretch marks during pregnancy is a common occurrence in most women. These stretch marks appear as streaks on the skin’s surface and may appear at places such as the abdomen, breasts, hips, buttocks, and thigh. The color of the marks may be pinkish in women with fair skin and in dark colored women the marks may have a lighter hue then the surrounding areas. These marks which develop during pregnancy appear visibly after delivery. A cause of concern for many women, it will be worthwhile to find out the causes of pregnancy stretch marks.

Stretch marks develop when your skin is stretched constantly and beyond a limit. During pregnancy and especially during the last trimester as your belly grows bigger and fuller, your skin is also stretched quite rapidly. As a result, some of the connective tissues holding the skin together and which are also responsible for the elasticity of the skin begin to tear. As a result of this tear, stretch marks are formed. Since the skin is pulled at the maximum at the abdomen area, most stretch marks may appear in and around your belly. These marks are neither painful nor harmful but may spoil the good look of your skin.

Not all pregnant women get these stretch marks; in some women the marks may be not so visible. And some women do not get the marks at all. So let’s find out which categories of women are more susceptible to these marks. First of all, the level of elasticity of your skin decides your vulnerability to stretch marks. The more the elasticity of your skin is the lesser the number of tears it is likely to get. And elasticity of skin depends on your genetic make up. Also, women who experience excessive weight gain during pregnancy are more prone to getting these marks. Then those women who carry multiple babies are at higher risk of getting pregnancy stretch marks since their belly grows bigger than those women carrying single baby. For similar reasons, women carrying big babies are also susceptible to stretch marks.

So what can you do to prevent stretch marks from occurring or lessen the number of such marks? Well, as just mentioned above many factors are at work which decides the number of stretch you may get. Notwithstanding these factors, you can adopt a light exercise regimen to prevent extra weight gain during pregnancy. Moreover, keeping your body adequately hydrated and nourished will also help your cause.