Pregnancy – The Most Wonderful Pain

When a woman discovers that she is pregnant, it is probably the best feeling in her life. To be able to give birth to a new born is an ecstatic feeling. Only a mother knows the real pleasure of giving birth to a baby. It is incomparable and priceless. The nine month’s wait before the baby is born is perhaps the best phase of a mother’s life. You can understand the feelings, excitement and joy associated with it only if you are pregnant. So inexplicably splendid a experience is very hard to fathom. However pregnancy is not merely about feeling good about it but it is also the time when you must take serious care of yourself. Here are a few tips which you must follow when you are pregnant.

Rest – The first and the foremost thing that tops the precaution list is rest. You must take proper rest as advised by the doctor. Pregnancy is a very delicate phase where a bit of carelessness can create a huge damage. A bit of recklessness and you might have to regret it your entire life. Therefore do not exert yourself. The moment you find yourself tired, take rest because that will help both you and your baby.

Regular check up – From the time pregnancy is reported, you must make sure that you are in regular contact with your doctor. This will help you to get the latest updates about the developments of your baby. Another benefit of regular check up is, if any complications arise in the course of pregnancy, the doctor will be able to take immediate action for it. Hence routine check up is a must.

Mild exercise – A mild exercise is advised by the doctors during pregnancy which helps smooth growth of the baby inside the womb. However this exercise should be done with the due permission of your doctor. He will teach you how to go about it.

Therefore follow these few instructions and give birth to a healthy baby. Also enjoy the tenure of your pregnancy thoroughly. Do not neglect yourself as your negligence will have a direct effect on your baby.