Pregnancy Tips for First Time Moms

First time pregnancy can be an exciting moment in a woman’s life, fraught with both the joy and wonder of having a baby inside you along with a sense of nervousness, confusion and fear.

This whirlwind experience starts from the moment you observe the pink line on your pregnancy test and lasts till the day of your delivery. After the initial rush of joy on finding out you are pregnant subsides, you are now faced with confusion and fear regarding what to do or rather what not to do.

Well, if you are one of those first time expectant moms, then here are some handy tips for first time moms that will help you overcome the scary bits of your experience and enjoy this life time experience to its fullest.

Handy Tips for First Time Moms

Morning sickness is a nightmare that almost all women have to face. Not only does it affect your daily life but the nausea and vomiting can cause extreme dehydration, fatigue and weight loss.

The best way to cope with it is to eat smaller meals usually at regular intervals and snack before going to bed. Avoid places like food courts where the smell of food can exacerbate your symptoms and cause you to throw up. Avoiding too much of fried fatty food and staying away from your jumbo burgers can make your life easier.

Fatigue is another crippling factor for a first time mom. So get plenty of rest to keep yourself and the baby healthy and fit.

Do not be scared if you constantly burst into tears and every part of your body seems like its going to come off. These are the effect of normal hormonal and bodily changes. Meditate to keep yourself calm and just enjoy yourself instead of worrying about the baby.

As your belly grows bigger and finally you can see the beautiful baby bulge, it is best to switch to comfortable maternity clothes.

Stay active. Pregnancy does not mean you need to be confined to a bed. In fact doctors recommend regular exercises and meditation. Consult your doctor for the best pregnancy exercises for you.

Pregnancy can be an amazing period in your life provided you enjoy it. So go catch a movie, get a foot massage or just snuggle up comfortably and forget about the stress of pregnancy.

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