Pregnancy Tips For Obese Women

pregnancy tips for obese womenPregnancy is an important part of the life of a woman. Women who are lucky do not undergo too much hardship and give birth to healthy baby. It is a fact that most of the pregnant women gain some extra weight and so obesity is not a favorable condition for healthy pregnancy.

Women who are obese face the risks of miscarriage, difficult childbirth and birth defect. Even if the expecting mother does not have any difficulty, the baby faces certain health issues. Often overweight pregnant women are treated in a different way than pregnant women with normal weight.

The biggest concern in case of an obese woman is how much additional weight she will gain at the time of pregnancy. Common health issues for obese women during pregnancy are eclampsia, gestational diabetes and high blood pressure. Because of the various risks, the overweight women should follow some helpful tips and the required precautions.

Pregnancy Tips For Obese Women

Avoid Additional Weight Gain

For assuring the best fetal outcome, you need to change the bad habits which have resulted in the excessive weight. It is suggested by the experts that an overweight woman must not gain over 20 to 25 pounds during pregnancy.

Therefore, if you are overweight you should be highly careful about the fitness levels and nutrition. However, a pregnant woman should never go for dieting. Eating healthy will help you to prevent that additional weight gain. You should know what to eat, and at the same time, perform some physical activities.

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What to Eat?

First of all, you must eat frequent small meals on a regular basis. Your daily calorie intake should be regulated. It should range between 1800 and 2400 calories in a day. A food diary can be maintained as it will help in analyzing the eating habits. Through this you will be able to correct the extra intake of calories and wrong eating habits.

Pregnancy Diet Plan For Overweight Women

Throughout the period of pregnancy simple sugars must be strictly avoided. Focus on the complex carbohydrates which are present in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and cereals. You must eat plenty of fresh fruits and green vegetables. This will provide you with sufficient amount of essential nutrients such as minerals and vitamins.

It is a good idea to eat the homemade meals during this period. Stay away from unhealthy, processed and greasy foods. Restaurant foods should be avoided. You must also drink lots of water at the time of pregnancy. This will keep you properly hydrated and curb the hunger pangs that are unwanted.

Increase Physical Activities

Some simple physical activities are important for overweight women in order to increase the levels of fitness. To stay fit at the time of pregnancy, walking is a nice option. This is effective in keeping the weight off.

The rights tips will result in healthy pregnancy for obese women. However, if you notice any kind of warning sign, then you must report to your doctor immediately without delay.

Bunty Agarwal