Pregnancy Week 5

By the fifth week even if you have not done an ultrasound your routine urine test or a simple pregnancy kit at home will show that you are pregnant.By now your period will have already have been late and you can be quite sure that the pregnancy test is correct. By now you may feel very slight changes in your body.

Your breasts may feel more sensitive than normal and you will find the need to visit the bathroom much more often than before. This is only because your body is not used to having something in it.

The embryo will actually have a heart now which is beating and when you visit the gynaecologist you will be able to hear it with the ultrasound. The spine and the brain is also beginning to form, and by now you are already into the second month of your pregnancy.

Since the brain and spine are forming at this stage, it is very important for you to take more care at this month. You will still not need maternity clothes, but if you are wearing trousers keep it unbuttoned so as not to tighten the stomach.

You may experience a lot of nausea and vomiting and may now need to alter your diet plan. You may also experience more tiredness by this time as your body is getting used to your pregnancy.

Once you realise that you are pregnant stop any exercise that you may have been doing as this month there are higher chances of having a miscarriage. If you are into smoking and drinking at least try and reduce it, and avoid going to bars and places where there could be passive smoke.

You child’s organs are all going to be forming more quickly than you realise so it is better you take care starting now. This is also a good time to get other parameters like your thyroid, blood pressure and sugar checked so that you can control these early to prevent any complications later. This will help the doctor look out for any ailments in you as well.