Pregnancy With Birth Control

The various methods of contraception can be broadly classified into barrier, progesterone, behavioral, spermicidal and sterilization. The practice of abstinence falls in the category of behavioral method as there is virtually no chance of getting pregnant if you abstain totally from sex.

The other methods of birth control are equally popular but they do not have a 100% success rate. The most popular male contraception is the use of condoms which have a failure rate of only 2%. Many suggest that you use more than one method to be able to prevent pregnancy successfully.

The women, in particular, favors pills as it has a failure rate of less than 1%. This method does not involve surgery or any sort of invasive methods. You must think on a contraceptive plan and then follow it rigorously to prevent pregnancy.

Many wrongly believe that it becomes difficult to become pregnant once you are on birth control. However, the truth is that you can become pregnant as you as you stop the birth control methods. Medical science has progressed a lot and nowadays you can hear a lot about Implanon implants.

The implant is inserted for preventing pregnancy but the good news is that the hormones released by the implant are out of the body within a few days. So the chances of conception increases once the hormones are out of the body of the woman.

However, certain medical conditions such as tubal ligation and vasectomies could very well spell the death for any chance of conception. Modern medicine, though, claims that 98% of the ligation can be reversed and the figure is set at 50% for vasectomies.

Women who are on pills can easily get pregnant when they stop taking it but if they still face any difficulty in conceiving, they can consult a doctor. It is imperative that you read a lot and learn before deciding on a method of birth control.

When you are adequately informed, you are in a position to take decisions that is geared towards your betterment. Abstinence, though 100%failure-proof, is the not the preferred method as it draws out the enjoyment from your life. So speak with your partner and choose a method that is convenient for both of you.