Pregnancy Workout Tips

Being pregnant is the best feeling in the world, but it can also be a rather challenging time. A new mother will need to start off by getting accustomed to her physical challenges with her increasing belly. Apart from this, she will need to ensure that the things she does do not harm her developing infant. In the midst of this, speaking of exercise during pregnancy could cause quite a few eyebrows to go up in scepticism. But the truth is that moderate and safe exercise during pregnancy can be beneficial to the mother as well as to the child. Exercises such as low-impact exercises, swimming and walking have been recommended for pregnant women. If you are expecting a child and are looking out for tips on how to go about this, the following points will help you out.

Tip #1
To begin with, ensure that you check with your gynaecologist before you start off on any exercise program during pregnancy. What works for some may not necessarily work for you, and you might need to tailor your new fitness program based upon the progress of your pregnancy.

Tip #2
Remember to always wear clothes that are loose and breathable in order to avoid overheating. Wear a comfortable and well-supportive maternity bra. This will ensure that you do not feel uncomfortable while exercising.

Tip #3
If you plan to go for a walk, wear sports shoes that are a perfect fit and which support tendons and ligaments well. If you have a problem with swollen feet due to pregnancy, get yourself a new, well-fitting pair, and resist the urge to squeeze your feet into the old ones.

Tip #4
Change positions and keep moving while exercising. Standing in the same position while exercising can decrease blood pressure to the uterus and end up making you feel dizzy. When changing positions, ensure that you move slowly, or you might suffer from a spell of dizziness.

Tip #5
Avoid exercises that involve lying on your back. Also, avoid exercises such as lunges, full sit-ups or deep knee bends. This could cause damage to the pelvic area.

Tip #6
Moderation is the keyword when exercising while pregnant. If you feel tired, don’t push yourself. Take a break. Ensure that you drink sufficient water between exercises so that you will not get dehydrated, and never workout for long periods of time at a stretch.

Tip #7
Avoid exercising outdoors on hot or humid days. Getting yourself hot and flustered during pregnancy is neither helpful for you nor your baby. On hot days, choose moderate exercises in a well-ventilated room.

Joy Natarajan