Prenatal Care By Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is seen to be highly beneficial in the prenatal care of pregnant women. Prenatal massages provide a complete sense of well being to the expectant mother. It focuses on the complete care and needs of the mother and baby.

Prenatal massage can be given at any time during pregnancy. The massages can vary from full body Swedish massage to light massages concentrating on particular areas. The massage session usually lasts for 60 to90 minutes.

The positioning of the mother during massages changes as pregnancy progresses ,so as to accommodate the needs of the growing belly. Take care not to resort to any uncomfortable positions. Lying on the side is supposed to be the best position to be adopted by pregnant women during a massage.

The benefits of pregnancy massages are many. The incidence of birth complications are reduced by regular massaging. Massaging tones and relaxes the strained muscles and improves their flexibility. It stimulates the release of feel good hormones and thereby relieves the discomforts and stress during pregnancy. Massage provides a higher level of wellness, relieving you of any tension and thereby providing you with good and undisturbed sleeping hours.

Swelling of feet and ankles is a common problem during pregnancy. Massaging stimulates the tissues surrounding the joints thereby reducing their swelling. By massaging, the oxygen supply to the blood is increased and you get a glowing and healthy skin. The cardiovascular health of the mother is also greatly improved by massaging. Headaches, body pains and sciatic complaints can be taken care of by attending regular massage therapy sessions.

Certain precautions are also to be followed during prenatal massages. Do not have food immediately after massaging as it may cause vomiting. But you should drink lots of water to prevent the formation of sore muscles after a massage.

Massage therapy is not recommended for pregnant women suffering from high blood pressure, varicose veins and diabetes .Also body parts having inflammations should not be massaged. If you have any complications or if yours is a case of high risk pregnancy, then talk to your doctor before starting off with massage sessions

Prenatal massage therapy does not pose any risk of miscarriage as long as it is done by a trained and certified professional. So take proper care and pamper yourself with all the benefits of a pregnancy massage.