Prenatal care

A life within a life’, this is all about motherhood. Prenatal care refers to the list things which an expectant mother should or shouldn’t do, for herself as well the baby within her. Her and the babies wellness is utmost important in all the three trimesters. Accept the metabolical and hormonal changes of your body.

First and foremost, lots of liquid intake in terms of fresh fruit juice, water is advised as the body responds to the changes in the digestive tract. The hormones slow the movement of food and as the pressure at the uterus increases, the mother experiences constipation.

Have fibre rich food at intervals. To avoid heartburn caused due to the slowing down of digestion process; eat fresh fruits and ignore oily and greasy food. Avoid carbonated drinks and keep your body hydrated to avoid stomach cramp and uterus contraction. Eat at least an hour before going to bed.

Avoid rigorous physical activity as your body is supporting another life in the womb. Sleep and rest and take light aerobics or yoga exercises to keep you fresh. Those who are habituated to heavy workouts can also take up light non-machine exercises to avoid stiffness of joints and muscles. A stroll in the garden would be a wonderful way to spend time with your unborn child.

Frequent urination and cramps are due to circulatory changes of blood and gaining weight. Do not fret and keep visiting the loo when you feel like. Stretch marks and skin marks on abdomen and breasts are common to appear. They retreat after delivery and you may use anti-stretch mark creams to avoid itching when the skin tissue stretch to support the foetus.

Expectant mother also needs to take care of her clothes. Wear loose clothes and use a pillow to support your lower back as your posture changes. Keep your feet especially in the seventh and eighth months, on the bed. Do not stand or sit for too long.

Swelling too increases due to retention of water in your tissues. Keep notifying you doctor and go for routine checkups.Breathing problems occur in the last trimester, as the foetus occupies more space in the abdomen,sleep propped up and avoid crowded places.

Do not drink or smoke when pregnant and avoid taking medicines unless prescribed by your doctor. Be serene, happy and healthy during your pregnancy and be ready for a remarkable discovery within you.