Prenatal Massages Various Benefits For The Expectant Mother

Prenatal MassagesThere are many physical and emotional problems that a woman can face during the course of her pregnancy. In order to improve the well being of a pregnant woman and to get rid of all unwanted issues, one can follow a number of healing methods. Prenatal massage therapy is one such healing method which is widely practiced around the globe.

There are various kinds of prenatal massages like a full body massage and massages concentrating on particular areas of the body. The massage should be performed by a qualified practitioner and only after obtaining the approval from your physician.

Involving in a prenatal massage therapy is found to benefit both the mother and the fetus. Read on to discover the various benefits that can be obtained by an expectant mother by involving in a prenatal massage therapy.

Prenatal Massages Benefits

Reduces Swelling

Pregnant women are very susceptible to develop edema or swelling in the areas of the feet, ankles and hand. This condition is caused due to improper blood circulation and the subsequent failure to remove tissue wastes.

Massaging in a proper manner will improve the circulation in the affected areas, thereby reducing the swelling. It will also stimulate the tissues and will facilitate the easy removal of toxins and body waste from the swollen areas.

Provides Relief From Sciatic Pain

Another major benefit one can obtain from a prenatal massage is relief from sciatic pain. This pain originates in the lower back and radiates down to the region of the legs.

This condition is common during late pregnancy and is caused due to the increased pressure exerted by the uterus on the sciatic nerve.

Prenatal massage therapy helps in reducing the pressure on the sciatic nerve and also reduces its inflammation. A significant reduction in sciatic pain can be felt by regularly undergoing massage therapy.

Reduces Stress Levels

Prenatal massage therapy helps in regulating the hormone levels in the body of the expectant mother. Performing antenatal massages twice a week will decrease the levels of the stress hormones and will increase the levels of the feel good hormones dopamine and serotonin.

This will inturn reduce the stress levels and will thus boost the emotional health of the expectant mother. Regular massages will also reduce the chance of occurrence of headaches during pregnancy and will also act as a solution for pregnancy insomnia.

Reduces Pregnancy Complications

Women who have had prenatal massages are at a very low risk of having a premature delivery. Massages are also seen to reduce the pain experienced by a woman at the time of delivery. Women having antenatal massages are at a very low risk of having a low birth weight baby.

Provides Pain Relief

Prenatal massages help in toning the muscles and also help in improving their flexibility. This will in turn help to reduce muscle cramps and will also reduce the common complaints of pregnancy like back pain, neck ache and joint pains.

Improves The Overall Health Of The Mother

Prenatal massages are seen to improve the cardiovascular health of the mother. It also helps to keep the blood pressure under check, thereby eliminating hypertension during pregnancy.

The risk of contracting conditions like carpel tunnel syndrome, varicose veins and acid reflux are also considerably reduced by prenatal massages. Prenatal massages also increases the elasticity of the skin and will thus reduce the appearance of stretch marks after pregnancy.

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