Preparation And Groundwork Before Planning To Conceive: Guidelines

Pregnancy is state for which every woman needs to be physically and mentally prepared. It is necessary to prepare and lay the groundwork before planning to conceive the child. Apart from sexual potential one has to be mentally, emotionally and physically potent to conceive and carry healthy baby in womb.

All the aspiring parents plan the finances to bring up the child and manage the future responsibilities but there are some crucial aspect related to health, diet and lifestyle which everyone must consider before conceiving the baby. Prepare your body While planning to conceive get the precautionary checkup done.

If in case any complication arises you can take the accurate treatment to deal with crisis. However while consulting doctor regarding physical fitness you must discuss following matters in details. Inform doctors about genetic diseases, just to clarify if it can transmit to your child or not.

One thing which is very important to discuss with doctor is your menstruation cycle. If it is irregular doctor shall recommend the appropriate medication. Aspiring mother and father both must get their HIV test done.

If you are suffering from low or high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problem or thyroid inform doctor about same, doctor can prescribe best suitable medicine and prevent the effect of same on your fetus. In addition, if you are already on medicine in order to treat any of the said disease, doctors shall recommend switching to medicines which are suitable during pregnancy period.

During first pregnancy if any complication caused, doctors must be informed about same such as, repeated miscarriage, baby by c-section, bleeding during pregnancy or high blood pressure. In such cases doctors perform the complete diagnose and take the appropriate action for safe and healthy pregnancy.

One must also attain the complete information of vaccination during pregnancy so that any of the schedules don’t get missed. In case there is any abnormality or infection in pelvic, must get the appropriate treatment done.

However with right medication or by pep smear pelvic infection can be rectified. Blood and urine test is necessary. Through blood test, doctor discovers the positive or negative nature of anemia or Rh factor and urine test is necessary to diagnose any kidney or blood sugar level abnormality.