Prepare Your Daughter for Her First Period

Menstruation is most common and natural for every woman in this world. So, your daughter is also going to face this very soon. In earlier days, girls used to have their first period around the age of 14 to 15. But for various reasons, this age has come down to a much younger stage. Nowadays, most of the girls in their 10’s or 11’s are having their first period.

So, if you think you have still few years to face the fact of womanhood, you might be mistaking. Once your daughter gains some maturity and she starts to ask you questions about the human body and its behaviors, you should gradually start to pass on the important information on menstruation.

Nowadays it has become quite easy to inform the children about these things. Your daughter will definitely ask you about the sanitary pads by seeing the frequent advertisements in magazines, TV, newspaper etc. You should not feel embarrassed to answer the question. Children always want to gather knowledge from their parents first.

So you should deal this as an opportunity to start the first lesson on menstruation. Do not misguide her just by saying that this is also a kind of diaper or so. Rather you should tell her the fact. Again to tell the fact, you should take some time. Initially you might just give some hint, which you can explain some later days.

However, you should not pour all your knowledge on menstruation on the very first day. At this young age, she is definitely not going to understand the intricate structure of female reproductive system and the complicated hormonal symptoms. So, just tell her that this is a most natural event which occurs to every female being. At the beginning you should not tell her about the abdominal cramps or pains related to period.

She might get frightened and feel uncomfortable at the time of her first period. She may or may not face these when she starts to menstruate. Even if she has some abnormal symptoms for her periods, doctor is going to take care of that situation.

You should always feel free to answer and discuss with your child on any type of question on human reproductive system, so that she can get the picture more clearly when she grows up.