Preparing a Nursery For Your Little Baby

Ten months is surely a long wait…most expectant mothers will agree with me. You just long to hold that tiny angel cuddle them in your arm, give a hug and a kiss and say ‘welcome my dear’. At the same time you need to prepare for the baby’s arrival and one such preparation is decorating the nursery.

Babies are very special, very delicate, and sensitive, hence you need to make sure you design the nursery well so that the baby remains safe and secure and at the same time it is a nice atmosphere to grow up.

Firstly design a floor plan which would include the number of windows, closets, electric outlets and lighting.  Next jot down the items you need for the baby that would include a crib, crib bedding, chest of drawers and probably a change table. It is important to pay attention to the room lighting as you should not wake up your baby unnecessarily.

Hence a dimmer switch is a good option so that the light may be adjusted as required. Do not keep the crib near the window as they let in light and cold as well as when the baby gets older he tends to pull on the curtains. If the curtains let in too much light you may replace them with blinds so that you may adjust it as you require.

The nursery floor needs to be taken care of as once your baby starts crawling, you need a soft surface, and a soft nursery rug should be just fine. A carpet is another option but it may trap allergens hence needs to be cleaned frequently. Another good option is installing a cork floor which is quite soft and safe for your baby.

It is very easy to clean and looks as good as new even after a long time. The color scheme is quite important, primary colors are best but you can also use blending color shades for a bright pleasant look.

Babies like bold colors and a decorative ceiling is also very special as they generally stare upward. This is the place your child will be most of the time, so try some creative themes, keep all the essential accessories that may change with age and most importantly be sure the place is safe and clean always.

Esther Gideon


The author is a postgraduate in business management and is a mother of a four year old and an eight month old.