Preparing For The Childbirth

Getting ready for childbirth means getting ready for a lot of changes in your life, lot of joys, happiness, anxiety, doubts and many new experiences. Ideally you should start preparing for the birth of your child as soon as you come to know about your pregnancy.  The more you are prepared the better you will feel for this big moment in your life.

Following suggestions will help you to avoid any last minute hassles and enjoy the birth of your baby.

Register for your hospital stay: By pre-registering your hospital stay eliminates the need of last minute registration process.

Join childbirth preparation classes. It will help you to understand the process of giving birth. Professional nurses will guide you about childbirth, labor, delivery breastfeeding etc.

Plan your wishes in advance which are related to childbirth such as planning baby shower etc.

Contact your insurance company: Learn about your health insurance plan in detail. Learn what you are covered for.

If you are preparing for a second baby, then you must prepare the sibling for the new arrival in your home.

You can make an emotional connection with your unborn child by baby talking with her.Start preparing yourself mentally and emotionally for giving birth by the end of third trimester. Discuss your preferences regarding management of labor pain, various types of delivery methods that include vaginal or cesarean delivery with your healthcare provider.

By the last week of your pregnancy, you should keep your bag ready. There are a few items that you should never forget. Your camera, you don’t want to miss recording those precious moments when your baby arrives in this world. Always keep your toiletries in your bag.If you have arranged for your baby’s cord blood to be preserved in a private bank, then don’t forget to keep the collection kit in your bag.

You can also start preparing for the nursery, choosing color scheme for the baby’s room.Explore the available child care options if you are a working mother.The most important thing is to just relax and don’t worry about the birth process as this the process of giving birth has been going on forever and will continue forever. Keep your mind and body calm.

chhavi khullar