Preparing Kids for Pre Schools

Every parent and kid faces the challenge of transition to preschool. Generally, it’s the first time when kids stay in a new environment and amongst new group of people. Every kid is different and so they behave differently.

They take different time to adjust to the new environment. Some kids adjust very easily and love their school while some are very resistant of going to preschool. So, it’s very important for parents to counsel and prepare their kids for preschool well in advance .

This makes the transition phase easier for the kids and help them to adjust to the new environment more easily. Parents should prepare their kids for preschools in an enjoyable and interesting way such that they are attracted towards the new phase of their life.

Parents must communicate with their kid in detail about –

* the school ,
* various activities performed in the school,
* new friends and new teachers,

This helps the kids to form a picture of the school and correlate things, when they start going to school .This further helps the kids to adjust to the new environment easily.

Firstly, it’s very important for parents to ensure that the preschool they have chosen for their little one is well managed and a responsible one. The place should be safe, secure and comfortable for the kid.Therefore, parents must visit the school with their kid in advance, introduce him the place, teacher and check his comfort level.

Parting from parents either for longer or shorter period is always difficult for kids. They feel insecure.So, its very important for parents to assure their kids that they will be there for them when needed.

However, false promise must be avoided. In other words, parents must leave their kids in school with a positive approach. They must good bye them, give them a kiss or a hug and promise to collect them after school. This leaves the kids excited and less stressful.

Parents must practice the habit of positive parting with their kids well in advance so that they are accustom to this habit and do not find it new when they start going to preschool.

In case of kids who have hard time, parents must keep in touch with the respective teacher during the class hours and know the kid’s whereabouts and help the teacher to address the concern area. Parents must attend the parent’s teachers meeting regularly to know about their kid’s behavior and concerns.

Help the child to make friends by arranging party for his classmates at home. This helps the kids to open up more easily and thus make friends. It also provides the parents an opportunity to make friends with the parents of their child’s classmates. This helps the parents to know about different things that are going around in school.

Raka Raghuvanshi