Preparing to Get Pregnant Post Miscarriage: Some Useful Tips

Miscarriage is perhaps one of the most unfortunate things which can befall a woman. It is emotionally and physically draining. The happiness and joy of becoming pregnant and an expectant mom is cut short abruptly. It takes time for you to recover after such an unfortunate event. There are many causes for miscarriage.

First severe abnormality of the fetus can lead to miscarriage. Secondly, it can happen due to your habits such as heavy drinking and smoking. Again, certain medications can cause miscarriage. Sometime, genetic factors are at work. Notwithstanding all these factors, you can become pregnant and have a successful childbirth even after experiencing a miscarriage. If you are planning a pregnancy post miscarriage, you will find the following tips useful.

The first of the tips to plan a pregnancy after miscarriage is to delay having sexual intercourse until you have a natural period after the miscarriage. How long you have to wait depend on the timing of your miscarriage. If you had miscarried early into your pregnancy, the window period is shorter. However, those had late miscarriages you have to wait for at least three to four months.

Now you may ask, why this waiting period? This is because you need to give enough time for physical recovery after miscarriage. Pregnancy results in so many hormonal and bodily changes in a woman. When all these changes are changes are terminated abruptly, you can imagine the effects it can have on your body. Give it enough time to settle down and for normalcy to be restored. Again, you have to make sure that all the remnants of the fetus are flushed out from your system before planning to conceive all over again.

Physical recovery may be achieved in quick time. It is emotional recovery after miscarriage which is more difficult and takes more time. If are planning to get pregnant when you are still in a state of grief, it may even lead to a second miscarriage.

Miscarriage may leave you emotionally devastated. During such trying times, a woman needs the care and support of her partner, friends, and other family members. Counseling sessions may also do a world of good for her. Once you are physically and emotionally ready, you may plan a pregnancy all over again.