Preparing Your Child For The Birth of A Sibling

Most people only think that they need to get ready themselves when they are going to be parents all over again. This is not a new experience only for you. You have to take your whole family with you. This includes the spouse, the children and even the pets.

Your first born is used to having all the attention and most of your time to himself. He is not used to sharing the same quality of time, love and attention with anyone else. It is very difficult for the first born to come to terms with the sudden entrant who is stealing the limelight from him. It is very important to condition and prepare your child for the arrival of the sibling.

Many children are known to suffer from depression, neglect and even exhibit rebellious behaviour. Here are some simple ways that you can try and keep things in check.

Try and keep your child involved. Let him help you pack your bags for yourself and the baby. Take him shopping and ask him what he thinks the baby might like to wear. Allow him to help you choose clothes for your baby when you buy them.

If you are using any of his old clothes, make sure you show them to him and tell him that he was as special, and that you actually took the trouble of doing the same things for him before he was born. Remember he was not around then, so he will not know. You need to reassure him.

Let the child identify with the baby. He must know that the baby also belongs to him as much as it does to the mother and the father. He will start to connect with the baby better. When your baby kicks inside you, let him feel your tummy, and also encourage him to hear and talk to the baby.

Tell your child that you will still be there. Avoid changing his routines, and try and continue to do what you did for him yourself. At the same time, tell your child honestly what will change, so that he anticipates it before hand and is not let down later.