Prevent Child Obesity

The problem of child obesity is quite rampant in today’s world where fast food has become the staple diet of children and coke has replaced the place of milk. Obesity in children may not seem as harmful in the beginning but it can have serious implications if not controlled at the right time.

Obese children often have weak immune systems and suffer from the risk of getting numerous physical and psychological problems. The susceptibility to heart diseases and diabetes increases manifold in obese children.

Parents need to ensure that their child does not develop such a tendency. The first step to ensure that your child does not become obese later is to take precautions right from the age of infancy. The child should be fed with breast milk for a longer time and solid food should be avoided while the baby is on breast milk diet.

Children who stick to healthy snacking and engage in activities which involve rigorous physical movements are less prone to obesity. Parents should encourage their children to participate in games and physical activities instead of watching television in their leisure time.

If good habits are inculcated from the beginning, your child will grow up into a fit individual and will stay away from fatty foods that harm the health.
Some children use food as a means of reducing stress. Such kind of emotional eating or binge eating can be extremely harmful for the health of your child.

As a parent, you need to curb this tendency and make sure that your child exercises regularly and takes the help of meditation and other positive activities to cope with stress. If your child has become obese, you need to help him with his condition and encourage him to lose weight by exercising and eating a balanced diet.

Critiquing the child about his obesity and the result of obesity on his physical appearance is going to act as a deterrent and sabotage the efforts of the child directed towards reducing inches. If you are unable to persuade your child about losing weight and make him understand the ill-effects of obesity, taking professional counseling might be a good idea.