Preventing Cot Death

When your baby is born you often wonder about it’s sleep routine and sleep pattern. If it is your first baby, you are constantly checking to see if your baby is breathing and disrupting your own sleep cycle as well.
Sleeping can also be dangerous at times. Cot deaths have become increasingly common and is also called the sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).It is very necessary for the parents, and especially the mothers to be very aware of the child’s sleep.

It is absolutely safe to keep the baby in the cot while it sleeps. You need not be sleeping right beside them. The position in which the baby sleeps is very important. Never make the baby sleep on it’s back as if the baby has just fed, there are chances that the baby will vomit and could choke on this s they are unable to push themselves up.

Check to see if the temperature is optimum even for you. If it is too hot for you, it is too hot for the baby as well. Do not be over protective and cover the baby with extra blankets. One thin cotton blanket in summer is enough.

Over-wrapping the baby will only cause the infant discomfort. Keep the baby on the stomach while he sleeps, or on the side and keep a pillow supporting the back so that he does not fall off. Always make sure that the nose has no obstruction and that the baby is able to breathe freely.

Do not tie the baby’s hands when you swaddle the baby. Make sure that nobody smokes in the same room as the baby. In fact, it is better not to allow anyone to smoke in the whole house. Even if your baby is unwell, he need not be wrapped in extra blankets.

If your baby is sleeping in a separate room, make sure that you check on the baby at regular intervals. Keep a baby monitor on at all times even when the baby is asleep so that you will be able to hear any sound or discomfort that the child may be feeling.

If the baby is sleeping in a cot, take care to cover the sides of the cot with soft padding so as not to hurt the baby in any way. If the child’s hands or feet get entangles between the bars of the cot, it is very unlikely that they will be able to free themselves.