Preventing Infants From Getting Hurt

You have worked very hard in bringing your baby to this world. Planning and getting pregnant, being diligent through your delivery and caring for the baby while in your womb. Most of all, you have endured the pain and trouble of child birth and brought the baby safely to this world. It is up to you to keep caring for the baby till they can care for themselves.

In the first few months, you will notice that the baby is very soft and fragile. You should take care to make sure that you hold the baby gently. They bruise easily. Till the baby is able to hold his neck, you should also be careful to see how you carry the baby. Remember, though, that although the baby looks very tender they are much stronger than you think. Do not, however, experiment with them.

As the baby grows a little older, he will try and hold his head. Give him some tummy time so that he an try and raise his head and exercise his neck muscles to build them. Do no leave them in this position for too long since it can strain the neck and hurt it.

When the baby is about four months old, or a little older, he will start to turn to his sides. This is when you should be careful. Babies that roll over and very threatening. They can roll of the bed and hurt themselves. Always keep pillows around the edges of the baby. This is not foolproof. The baby can either kick the pillows down and fall, or may roll over them. It is best to keep the baby on the floor during this stage.

After this, the baby will start to creep. Just before the baby can crawl, he will move along the floor like a snake, getting around on his stomach. At this time, too, you must make sure that he is on the floor. Make sure that he is in an open space, or he could bang his head into something while crawling. Avoid leaving your baby unattended for too long. Make sure you can see the baby from where you are, or are within earshot.