Preventing Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time that every woman should enjoy. Along with the ecstasy of carrying another life within you, there is also anticipation about the days ahead. While you might be prepared for the changes in your body during the days of your pregnancy, you would definitely want to continue to look your best in the days following it.

However, many women find that they end up carrying the scars of pregnancy all their lives, in the form of ugly stretch marks. Stretch marks are a result of the fast expansion of the skin, wherein the underlying layers are not able to cope up with the expansion, and there are breakages in these layers.

Keeping your skin soft and supple is vital, so that you can prevent stretch marks. Following some simple tips to prevent pregnancy stretch marks will help you stay beautiful – always.

Tip #1
Eat a balanced diet and ensure that your meals include green leafy vegetables, vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, and dairy supplements. While making sure that you do not over eat, a balanced diet will help keep your skin supple so that stretch marks can be prevented.

Tip #2
Choose a supportive bra since, apart from the comfort factor, a supportive bra will reduce the chances of stretch marks. Bras that do not fit properly usually tend to ruin your body shape, thereby leading to stretch marks and other problems.

Tip #3
Moisturize the areas that are the most prone to stretch marks – your breasts, belly, buttocks, thighs and hips. Using creams and oils to keep your skin soft, will help preserve the elasticity of the skin and thereby prevent stretch marks. The most effective moisturizers during pregnancy are cocoa butter, shea butter and creams rich in collagen. Increasing your intake of water will help moisturize your skin from within, keeping it soft and supple.

Tip #4
Using Vitamin E supplements has proven to be very effective when battling stretch marks. Apart from reducing risks and complications during childbirth, Vitamin E has great cosmetic value. It helps regenerate dead skin cells and also makes skin firm and elastic. Vitamin E oil also helps lighten postpartum stretch marks.

Tip #5
Increase the amount of blood circulation to the parts of your body that are gaining weight during the course of your pregnancy. Using a loofah or a rough cloth, massage your skin so that blood circulation increases. Apart from keeping your skin supple, you will be amazed at the improvement in skin tone that is achieved.

Joy Natarajan

  • I’ve had stretch marks for years, and only recently did I finally take action and get rid of them using a lot of the tips in this article. Thanks!

    – Susan