Principles of Pregnancy Eating

It is a well known fact that you have to eat well when you are pregnant. Every woman knows that. There are some principles which you should follow if you are pregnant. They will definitely help you and your baby in the long run.Even if you are having a well balanced diet, fine tune it as you are now pregnant.

When you are pregnant, you need more of certain vitamins and minerals such as folic acid, iron, and calcium. So start taking meals which are rich in these minerals and vitamins. You may ask your doctor if you need any supplements. This helps to guarantee that you are getting adequate nutrients that you need.

Skip alcohol and smoking
completely. No second thoughts on this one. Smoking and alcohol can seriously harm your baby and can cause physical defects and learning disabilities in children.

Stop having caffeine, colas, tea and other soft drinks. These things may lead to stillbirth, miscarriage or low birth weight in children.

Avoid foods such as sushi, raw oysters, undercooked meat, raw seafood and poultry. These are possible sources of bacteria which can harm your baby. Practice good kitchen hygiene skills.

Have lots of fresh fruits and vegetables everyday. Bananas are highly recommended for women who are pregnant. Vegetables like spinach are rich in iron.

Never think of dieting while you are pregnant. It is very harmful for you and your baby as many weight loss programs leave you with low iron and other vitamins and minerals. Just relax. Do not worry about weight gain. Eat diet rich in vitamins as your growing baby needs it.

But make sure to eat small meals after every four to five hours. If nausea and other heartburn problems are making it difficult to eat, try having very small meals at frequent intervals. Do not ever skip any meal of the day. Your unborn baby needs regular meals.

Do not ignore your food cravings. Treat yourself with sweets, sugar loaded desserts, cookies and whatever you enjoy eating. But these things should not substitute for the main course. Just enjoy your time while you are pregnant. Do not worry about anything or any weight gain. You can always reduce it later on.

chhavi khullar