Problem In Breast Feeding

Struggling alone all for problem in breast feeding is very difficult. Get professional help as soon as possible. Don’t ever ignore a minor problem also like a blocked duct,it can also lead to mastitis. Take good care of your breast. Wear a comfortable bra both day and night. Don’t wear one that is very tight, it may constrict the ducts. Be gentle when you massage your breast.

Some of the common problems faced by feeding mothers are:
Leaking Breasts: You breasts may leak in large amount in the early weeks. What you can do is buy a good quality breast pads. Put them inside your bra. It will absorb some drips, but remember to change the pads frequently as wetness near the skin may lead to sore skin.

Sore or Cracked nipples: Sore nipples are usually the result of your baby not latching on properly, which is due to poor positioning. Skin will become red, and it will be painful to feed. Treatment for this is:

1. Dry your nipples after every feed.
2. Let air get to them for a several hours a day.
3. Change the position of your baby feed, so that the pressure is applied to different parts of areola
4. Express milk from the worst breast first.
5. If it’s very sore, try a sombrero shield.
Make sure your baby takes the areola into her mouth. There are Nipple creams available in markets. A calendula based cream or antiseptic spray may relieve the soreness. Also breast shells are available in markets. It’s a plastic shell that keeps your nipples dry, and catches leaks of milk. Wash and sterilize the shell before re-using.

Blocked Ducts: A hard, tender, red lump in the breast usually means that one of the milk ducts has become blocked. For this bathe the breast with hot water and massage gently, and then put your baby to the breast. You may get pain for a moment but the duct should be clear. If it doesn’t, see your doctor.

Mastitis: A blocked milk duct may become infected, producing flu like symptoms. Seek medical help urgently, if untreated, mastitis lead to a breast abscess, which may need surgery. The doctor will prescribe antibiotics, and remember to finish the course. For preventing this infection never let a tender lump in your breast go long than a day without medical attention.

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