Problems During Pregnancy – When To Call Your Doctor Immediately

During pregnancy, your body undergoes numerous changes. Most of them are natural, but there are times when the change experienced is not natural and needs medical attention.

Here are 8 reasons to call your doctor. Awareness about these reasons will help you stay healthy throughout your pregnancy and take care of your baby.

Sharp Pain

Pain is a natural outcome of your pregnancy. But if you are suffering from sharp pain that is experienced on just one side of your body, you need to call your doctor immediately. This is even more important if it does not go away after moving your body.

Gushing Fluid

Another reason that can warrant an immediate call to the doctor or mid wife is if you experience a gush of fluid.

Contractions before 37 weeks

If you experience contractions after the 37th week of your pregnancy there is no need to be unduly worried. But if you do so before the 37th week, an immediate call to your doctor is in order, especially if these contractions occur frequently.

You are bleeding

If you experience any bleeding or spotting, you need to report this to your doctor or mid wife immediately. They will take the necessary steps as they see fit.

Baby movement

Your baby usually moves and you can experience this movement regularly. But, if you think that the movements are not as many as before, you need to report this decrease in movement right away.

A lingering doubt

It’s important that you keep your mind relaxed throughout your pregnancy. A little bit of stress is natural, but if there is something eating away at the back of your mind, a doubt or a query, call up your doctor and get it sorted out. This will help you rest easy.

Inflammation or swelling

Swelling is natural during pregnancy, but it’s a gradual process. If you think that some part of your body has swollen suddenly and this swelling doesn’t subside even after some time, its time to give your doctor a call.

Severe headaches

If you are suffering from sudden headaches of a severe nature, don’t wait for them to subside. Just call your doctor or midwife. Don’t get embarrassed about calling your doctor, even at odd hours. It could be the difference between a smooth and a complicated pregnancy.