Problems In The Breast That Commonly Occur While Feeding

Being a new mother can be very trying, especially with the first born. There is so much you have to come to terms with as far as you and your baby go. Breast feeding is just one of these mixed blessings. It can be the most rewarding gift, as it gives you quality time to be one with your infant.

This is a special time where the mother and child bond completely. It can also cause quite a few problems if you are not careful. Here are problems that could occur during breast feeding, and some ways that you can try and work around them.

Engorgement of the breasts occurs when the breasts swell with milk. They get heavy and start to harden. It is important to feed the baby well on both sides, and also feed the baby regularly to prevent engorgement of the breasts. You could also try expressing some milk to make them lighter.

Cracked Nipples
The nipples can develop cracks or become excessively dry due to hormonal changes which occur in the body. It can also be caused when the baby sucks too hard, or tries biting. It is best to express a few drops of your milk and rub it over the areola. This will cure the stinging sensation,

calm and reduce burning of the skin, and will also moisten it. Avoid the use of any creams unless prescribed by the doctor. You must remember that the baby is going to be taking in everything in and around the nipple while feeding.

Pain In The Breast

You can experience pain in the breasts during the time you are feeding your baby. This could be caused due to the excess milk which is being produced, or even if the let down reflex is not working properly. Massage the breasts gently, and this will help the milk spread, and prevent it from lumping. If the pain is persistent,

it is important to see a doctor. If the pain is towards the areola, check to make sure the baby is latching properly. It is not normal to have pain in the breasts while you feed. It is vital to check for any irregularity, or get medical opinion on the same.

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